Create Your own Business Assistant

Use VAIVA as a helpful team member to answer questions,assist in creative work, solve issues, and generate ideas.

Engage in Discussion with the Sharpest Consultant in Existence

Creating Knowledgable Digital Twins

Our technology uses advanced Natural Language Processing models (ChatGPT, Claude, LLaMA) to connect with vector databases. A 'digital twin' is created by feeding a company's or person's knowledge into a Large Language Model. This virtual copy offers easy API access for various uses.

Build a Custom Knowledge Hub for Team Growth

Boost your team's skills with our Internal Knowledge Bank. Easily share best practices, consult AI agents, and store important documents. Make content creation faster, speed up onboarding, enhance AI tool skills, and automate repetitive queries.

AI Agents That Outperform Top Employeesed Commands

Our AI agents can exceed your best talent in certain tasks. Trained on your business data with LLM technology, they handle social media, emails, customer service, and more, acting as your virtual employees.

Get Better Result with Stunning Features

Pre-Trained LLMs

Utilize OpenAI's GPT-4, Meta's LLaMA, Claude, and our in-house pre-trained agents.

Integration Friendly

Connect seamlessly with over 6,000 apps via Zapier, integrating VAIVA effortlessly with your existing tools.

AI Privacy & Security

Your data is secured with robust AWS encryption and privacy standards at VAIVA AI.


Analyze and understand the meaning and emotion in your data. Use insights for better decision-making.

Create Your Custom AI Agent in 4 Easy Steps

1. Upload data

Effortlessly convert your multimodal data into a dynamic vector-based database, setting the stage for AI to deliver context-rich responses and seamless task execution.

2. Generate AI Agents

Choose an LLM, set prompts, and adjust settings to generate specialized AI agents. These agents are finely tuned for specific tasks, offering a depth of contextual knowledge that surpasses generic tools like ChatGPT.

3. Chat with the Smartest Employee

Use the fine-tuned model for data research, consulting, content generation, and other tasks. These AI agents, trained with extensive company knowledge and personalized insights, are your perfect brainstorming buddies.

4. Create Your Own Use Case

Connect VAIVA tools to desired outputs by integrating memory modules and API access to third-party apps like Discord, Websites, and Slack. The potential use cases for embedding are endless.

You're in Good Company

Here's what some of our happy clients have had to say

Excellent tool with lots of possibilities for businesses to provide  valuable knowledge to stakeholders, workers, and clients alike.

I love VAIVA.AI so much. It saves me and my co-workers soooooo much time. Now we can get even more work done.

Exactly what my company needed.

Fantastic tool that I could quickly integrate into my website. I love that it will only use MY data.

I can't believe I finally got the chance to try VAIVA. AI., and I must admit, I'm amazed! The ability of this AI assistant to provide me with immediate replies and analyse documents for my business has exceeded my expectations.

Powerful, efficient and simple! So happy we found VAIVA.AI.

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